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RSNA Meeting breaks its own records

Como todos los años, cubrimos el Congreso de Radiología más importante del mundo (RSNA) y aquí presentamos los números que lo demuestran.


The annual RSNA meeting broke its own records last November, with a record number of exhibitors resulting in a record amount of exhibition space, the worlds largest medical meeting once again lived up to its own high reputation.

Attendance at this years conference was up once again on the previous year by around 2%, hovering just under the 60,000 mark, and it certainly can´t be said that the RSNA do anything by halves.

Once again the great and the good where in attendance at McCormick Place to take part in 458 refresher courses and tutorials, attend 2,188 research presentations and tour the 687 technical exhibits and 1,139 educational exhibits inside the 2.2 million square feet of exhibition space that makes up this highly impressive exhibition centre.

So, the rumors of the event moving away from Chicago in the near future seem to have been somewhat premature after talking to organizers of this years event. While this venue is highly impressive in its own right, logistically it is probably the only realistic venue that could house the RSNA’s learning section of the meeting while also remaining a favorite with attendees.

The conference took place over 6 days between November the 29th and the 3rd of December, and it is estimated that it contributed nearly $112 million to Chicago’s economy, including over 21,170 occupied hotel rooms on peak night.

The official theme of `Radiology’s Global Forum´ seemed a correct one, as experts from all over the globe gathered for the Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting’s 90th year.

One of the RSNA’s great strengths is its commitment to education and scientific enquiry as well as the business end of the conference. This year 284 refresher course are being provided, offering 80.5 continuing medical education credits.

These once again proved to be highly popular, anyone wanting to attend should be prepared to make a note in their dairy as early as possible. Many of the conferences include hands-on workshops that feature intensive demonstration, discussion, and question and answer opportunities.

Another highlight of RSNA 2004 was infoRAD, a multimedia learning experience that featured more than 170 education and commercial exhibits and showcased hands-on computer-assisted selfinstruction, clinical software, Web-based applications, and virtual reality applications.

Among the commercial exhibitors, 129 (18 %) were showing for the first time at the RSNA, injecting a healthy amount of new blood into the proceedings.

Some of the highlights of this years scientific sessions, included significant progress in the study of Multiple Sclerosis using stem cells, the significant costs to radiology as the obesity rate grows in the USA, the possible replacement of the polygraph lie detector with a brain scan and a 400 year old mystery solved using an advanced form of computed tomography.


    * RSNA has more than 35,000 members in 113 countries.
    * Nearly 60,000 people attended the 2003 RSNA Scientific
    * Assembly and Annual Meeting, including more than 25,000 professionals
      from over 93 countries. The scientific assembly is the largest annual medical
      meeting in the world. It has been held consecutively in Chicago since 1985.
      McCormick Place was first used in 1975.
    * More than 82 percent of active radiologists in the United States are members
      of RSNA.
    * RSNA publishes two peer-reviewed medical journals:
      Circulation is 33,000 for Radiology, 28,000 for RadioGraphics and 35,000
      for R S N A News.
    * In 2003, the total CME credit hours earned from the print version of
      RadioGraphics was 26,300; the Education Exhibit tests hosted on
      InteractED awarded 29,629 hours of category 1 CME credit.
    * InteractED offers more than 300 CME programs.
    * Since its inception in July 2000, InteractED has issued more than 137,143
      CME certificates to more than 11,255 registered individuals.
    * The RSNA Research & Education Foundation provided nearly $1.4 million
      in grant support from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004.
    * Full RSNA members in North America pay dues of $315 annually.
      Membership benefits are worth at least $925 ($520 for annual meeting with
      advance registration, $250 for Radiology, $135 for RadioGraphics, $20 for
      R S N A News-value based on nonmember subscription rates). They also receive
      20% off RSNA education materials, free access to CME credit on
      InteractED, CME Repository, free access to online RSNA journals and many
      indirect benefits.
    * The RSNA Board of Directors has eight members, each serving a six-year
    * RSNA employs 133 people.

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