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WFUMB 2009 – a very special opportunity

The World Congress of WFUMB 2009, 30th August to 3rd September in Sydney will be a unique event on the ultrasound calendar for 2009.
It is 24 years since ASUM hosted this congress, which brings together those involved in all aspects of medical ultrasound from all continents.
The program provides a «one-stopshop» opportunity to update in virtually every area of medical ultrasound at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre on Sydney Harbour.
Over 100 invited speakers from all continents will provide comprehensive coverage of the most topical areas in ultrasound, in both technical and clinical domains, with a strong program for almost every subspecialty physician and sonographer.
Over five days there is a total of over 70 sessions (up to 10 concurrent sessions).
The program is a combination of state-of-the-art presentations from about 90 invited international speakers and over 40 invited Australian and New Zealand speakers, world leaders in their fields.
– over 600 scientific research presentations (both oral and electronic poster)
– over 100 workshop sessions: musculoskeletal, abdominal, neck, obstetrics and gynaecology, vascular, paediatric, breast

Topic highlights of the program:

Over 200 invited presentations as well as proffered papers will include the following areas:

– latest technical developments
– elastography
– ultrasound contrast agents
– interventional and therapeutic
– US
– 3D/4D applications
– new Doppler & blood flow techniques
– imaging angiogenesis
– endoscopic US

In addition the following courses and meetings are available:
– musculoskeletal
– abdominal
– small parts
– vascular
– obstetrics and gynecology
– pediatrics
– echocardiography
– breast
– Nuchal translucency course
– Translabial US course
– Point of care course: for medical practitioners providing ultrasound at their point of care
– WINFOCUS Satellite Meeting: The 5th World Congress on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

This is one the most exciting and content-rich ultrasound programs to have been mounted. It is a pleasure to be able to recommend it is a «must attend» for 2009 for all those involved in medical ultrasound.
Furthermore, in true ASUM style, we promise an enjoyable time in a beautiful setting.

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