Clinical Value: HyperWorks Neuro Applications

Por L. Celso Hygino Cruz Jr, MD, PhD.

Abril 2020

by L. Celso Hygino Cruz Jr, MD, PhD
Institutional Collaborators: Felipe Pacheco, MD, PhD, Renato Hoffmann
MD, PhD, Niedja Tsuno, MD

L. Celso Hygino Cruz Jr

Chief of Neuroradiology Dianosticos da América, DASA, Rio de Janeiro. Graduation in Medicine with residency in Radiology, PhD, at UFRJ. Autor of several scientific publications in international indexed journals. Editor of several book chapters, including Guest Editor of MRI Clinics of North America.

Contributors GE: 
Eduardo Figueiredo, Advanced Application Specialist & Thomas - Doring, CPM, PhD GE Healthcare Latam.

Case 1 - HyperSense 3D – TOF Angio MRI
Patient History: Cephalea, family history of aneurysm.
Clinical Need: Fast, high resolution imaging of the vessel to study aneurysm.


Figure 1. TOF with HypersenseScantime (ST) - 3:53 min (HS factor = 1.5, Matrix (M) = 512x512r, Slice thickness (SL) = 1.2mm


Figure 2. ST 6:29 min, HS 1.8, 864 x 864 1.0mm


Figure 3. ST 3.53 min as in Fig.1


Case 2 - T1 3D Cube + HyperSense Vesselwall Imaging

Patient History: Hypertension, history of transient ischemic attack.

Clinical Need: Evaluation of atheromatous plaques in the middle cerebral arteries.

T1 Cube in combination with HyperSense is excellent for studying the vesselwall within shorter aquisition time.

Clinical Value: HyperWorks
Neuro Applications